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Business Spotlight Questionnaire

420 W. Main Street

Arlington, MN  55307



Who owns your business?

Amanda Fisher


When did you start and open your business in Arlington?

October 2012.  Amanda began coaching clients a few nights per week and held her classes in the gym of St. Paul Lutheran School.  By April 2013, she transitioned from that setting to a more full-time model and physical space now located at 420 Main Street West.


What is unique or special about your business?

TM Wellness Revolution provides fitness and nutrition coaching services.  We provide fitness coaching in a group setting (5-10 clients at one time) and a private setting (one-on-one between client and coach).  This means we provide an appropriate workout for clients by tailoring exercises to the clients' skill level, taking into account how their body moves, and where their strengths and weaknesses lie.  Specific workouts are provided to clients each time that they visit, and we help them progress by moving better, getting stronger, and feeling more coordinated and balanced not only for their workouts, but for their everyday life.  We provide nutrition coaching to to group and private clients in a variety of ways.  Generally, we work on specific actions to incorporate healthy nutrition habits into busy lives.  We don't prescribe diets.  Instead, we help our clients include lots of healthy things like veggies, lean proteins, healthy fats, complex carbohydrates and work towards a healthy approach for each individual.  Our nutrition motto is, "like how you eat."  People that "like how they eat" don't stress about food choices, feel the need to diet, or "start again on Monday,"  TM Wellness Revolution is passionate about meeting people where they are at with both fitness and nutrition, and help them progress from there.


What do you like most about having your business in Arlington?

I was born and raised in Arlington, and my husband and I raise our family here.  I can't imagine living anywhere else, raising a family anywhere else, or owning a business anywhere else.  The coolest thing about having a business here is the small town vive of business in Arlington.  In fact, our slogan at TM Wellness Revolution is "Small Town Vibe, Big Town Tribe."  Our tribe of clients is unlike anything I have been part of, and our clients make the atmosphere in the gym supportive, inclusive, positive, and...hilarious at times.  Another cool fact about having a business in a small town is seeing the reach.  I also coach clients on-line through amandafishercoaching.com  Through my coaching service and my blog, I chat daily with clients and readers from most states in the US, and a few different countries as well, and I don't have to leave Arlington to do this.


This TM Wellness Business Spotlight Questionnaire is sponsored by the Arlington Area Chamber of Commerce and first appeared in the Arlington Enterprise on December 21, 2017.