Breakfast on the Farm

Breakfast on the Farm

Breakfast on the Farm has been a long tradition here in Arlington. Not only a great time for fellowship but a chance for local residents to get close and personal with their neighbors' farms. The Arlington Area Chamber sincerely thanks the many businesses and groups, listed on the poster immediately below, who are responsible for this event.  The Chamber is especially pleased and very thankful for the use of the Darlene Weckwerth farm in both 2016 and 2017; it is a beautiful and well-kept place. 


Breakfast on the Farm 17_POSTER.pdf   Thanks to all sponsors and volunteers in 2017! 


Breakfast on the Farm, Friday, June 8, 2018, Scenic Escape Barn near Henderson, Ryan & Kelly Horning, owners & hosts.

Committee Members 2017 

Tiffany Brockhoff, Lyle Rud, and Wendell Terlinden, Co-Chairs
Marge & Jane Kloeckl, Kay Schumacher, Lorraine Neubarth, Ramona Bade, and Sommer Brockhoff plus many others

2016 Breakfast on the Farm (Friday, June 10)

Click on a photo to start the sequence. The last photo is Darlene Weckwerth, farm owner.